Allison Casey, our resident Midwesterner, comes from Westland, Michigan. She is the owner, senior mixer, and potted-plant specialist at GP. She enjoys cycling in her free time and was at one point in time a mathematics major. She’s won an Emmy for her sound mixing and, we suspect, will soon receive a Customer of the Century award from Schweppes, for single-handedly funding their sparkling water division.


Gramercy’s studio manager James hails from Sayville, Long Island. He studied Music Tech at NYU and is an avid NY Rangers fan. James is very into weather, and plans to be a meteorologist in his next life. When he’s not spending time with his wife and two daughters, he likes to play tennis. And if he could participate in a reality show, he’d rewind it back to 1994 and appear on Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple.


Joe is a Jersey native – but, like, the country part of Jersey. He toured in a bunch of crappy punk rock bands and eventually started recording them. After a couple years of drinking too many PBR’s in college campus housing basements, he made post production his home in the big city. Joe would love to test out his horrible cooking skills on Nailed It!