Gramercy Post: The Studio

We are a boutique audio post production studio on East 23rd Street in Manhattan looking to share our space with other high-quality entertainment industry professionals.

With an industry landscape that looks quite different than it did a few years ago, much of our work at Gramercy Post continues to be performed and reviewed remotely, and we miss having a full house! Cultivating a community of badass industry pros has always been one of our favorite things about being a studio, and we know there are like-minded folks out there who would be a great fit to join us.

We’re trying to find those people – and what they’re looking for! The information below outlines what we currently have in mind, so please give us a shout if any of these services might be useful for you. We would love to chat and hear your ideas and suggestions, especially if there’s a gap in today’s industry that we can help fill!

Please reach out to us at to connect!

Two rooms in our space available for long-term renters.

We have two awesome rooms available to sublease. While currently optimized for audio, we are open to reconfiguring these spaces to accommodate other specialties, including (but certainly not limited to) online editors, offline editors, casting directors, composers or music engineers. If you have an idea of how these rooms could work for you, let’s talk!

Studio B

STUDIO B:14’X11.5’ W/ 7'X8' BOOTH

Studio C

STUDIO C:12'X13'

• 24/7 building access • access to all facility amenities & common spaces
• acoustically treated • furnished • client-friendly

Use our large soundproof booth for video shoots!

Production Space

PRIMARY BOOTH: 11.5'X16.5'

This spacious, sound-proof booth works well for small production teams doing one- or two-camera shoots. Teams have access to studio common areas and amenities, as well as staff tech support & client services. (This room is getting a facelift – better pics coming soon!)

Access to our flagship mix rooms for outside engineers.

These are our primary mix rooms, both of which are set up well for commercial and TV sessions. Studio D allows for mixing in Atmos; Studio A has a projector and 13′ screen available and works great for film mixes and screenings. While we love working in these rooms ourselves, we also have a long history of working with outside engineers who require a temporary studio “home” when they need additional capacity for clients, a booth for talent, or a calibrated room for a mix.

STUDIO A:13.5'X19.5'

Studio D

STUDIO D:16’X18.5’ W/ 7’X9’ BOOTH

• custom sit-stand engineer’s desks • ample space for clients • staff tech support
• staff client services • extensive gear, software, and plugin availability
• adjacent recording booths • calibrated Genelec SAM reference monitors

For engineers with scheduling flexibility, access to our mix rooms at incredible rates.

We get it — not every budget has room for a studio, and mixing in PJs is great… but sometimes it would still be nice to check a mix in another room or just plain get out of the home studio for awhile!

We have room in our space (and hearts) for some fellow sound nerds to come geek out with us… and do some work! We’re offering access to work in our primary mix rooms (one 5.1, one 7.1.4) 2-3 days a month for an extremely reduced rate.

The catch? These bookings need to fit around our other sessions, so won’t be guaranteed until 1-2 days before the requested time. We are also initially only offering two memberships to ensure availability and make sure they work out as well in practice as they do in our imagination. We hope to expand access in 2024!

Gramercy Post: The Studio



• 3-month commitment
• preferential four-walling rates when a guaranteed booking is required
• staff tech support

If any of this sounds useful to you, let’s chat!Email us at